Despite Bad Reviews, The Mummy Opens Big

Posted 06/11/2017 2231 0

Critics say it's Tom Cruise's worst movie but it now becomes his biggest opening ever!


Reviews for Universal Pictures’ “The Mummy” have been utterly dire, with the film clocking up just 21% and a 4.4/10 average rating on Rotten Tomatoes, putting it behind last Summer’s notable flop “Suicide Squad”. The domestic box-office forecast for this weekend isn’t very promising either with the $125 million-budge movie looking to score a $35 million domestic opening.

However, now unwrapped in 63 offshore markets, Universal’s The Mummy has proven that it will easily win the box office. According to Deadline, The Mummy has grossed $56.8 million at the box office through Friday, putting the film on track to make $139 million overseas this weekend, which sets a new international record for a Cruise film. Combined with the film’s estimated $30.3 domestic gross, the film is tracking to make $169.3 worldwide, which is enough to eclipse Cruise’s previous top global box office mark of $167.4 million set by War of the Worlds in 2005.

One rival business affairs studio executive provided a brilliant reality check about The Mummy’s global results, explaining that “the marketplace has moved to date-and-date openings globally. Mummy is opening in more then 60 territories and on greater then 48,000 screens worldwide.  That’s a natural evolution that’s happened in the business.  Because of the date-and-date opening, number of territories, and number of screens, of course, it will be Cruise’s largest worldwide opening.  But what does that mean?  It’s not the result of the picture’s strength or Cruise’s drawing power, rather it is driven by the new opening paradigm in the marketplace.  And it certainly has nothing to do with profitability, which is what matters.”

Alex Kurtzman directed “The Mummy” and Cruise plays a freelance treasure hunter who resurrects an ancient, evil Egyptian princess, portrayed by Sofia Boutella. Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance, and Russell Crowe also star in the film.

“The Mummy” launches Universal’s “Dark Universe” franchise. The studio earned $1.2 billion worldwide from its last three Mummy films from 1999, 2001, and 2008.